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Renewal System

Policy System   Can be used for any type of risk insurance from life, motor, building, marine, energy, aviation, critical illness, pets and re-insurance.
Manual Renewals   The system can provide a list of renewals that are due next week, next month or at some point in the future, which you can tick to renew, followed by a button to produce the documents and policy schedules from the system.
Part Automated Renewals   Like manual renewals but you can select multiple renewals due in batches and apply a rating based on new rates, inflation indexer, loading or deduction.
Automated Renewals   This is a complex system to implement but is well worth the time and effort involved as it could revolutionise your business by automating up to 95% of your renewals. It takes into account denied renewals, claims, claim limits, profit and loss from claims and other factors. It can also produce the policy schedules and documents automatically, eliminating routine work and allowing your staff to focus on customer care.
Inflation Linked Renewals   The system can be programmed, you can tag renewals with inflationary increases.
New Premium Calculator renewals   Renewals can be tagged with a newer renewal matrix.
Margin Increase Renewals   Renewals can be tagged with a margin loading or deduction.

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