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CRM   Customer Relationship Management - There are so many CRM systems on the market and these systems have to cater for every type of business, and for the most part they do a good job. Our CRM systems do a great job, not just a good job because our CRM systems are created only for financial service related companies. This means we can add in bank account checkers for direct debit, credit card payment systems for annual payments, bordereaux specific reporting for insurance, MTAs and full mid term audit logs. Document / Email generators that are insurance specific.  Our software is also hosted in the country of use i.e. if you are in the UK we can host (or you can host) your data at a UK data centre, if you are in the US, we host your data at a US data centre.
APIs - Import Customer data   Application programming interface - basically means that we can import customer data, including policies, claim etc. from your website.  We have a selection of tools that enable us to do this.  These tools can be further enhanced to allow us to import virtually any data including attachments or pictures that your clients/brokers have uploaded.
SMS Text Messaging   Keep in touch with your clients via our integrated SMS messaging service.
Ease of us and the little things like auto address completion   Ease of use and a streamlined process is what saves you and your staff valuable time.  Our systems are streamlined so that your staff members can enter data swiftly and accurately.  Auto address population is just one example i.e. you enter in the post code and the address automatically fills and in saves time.  Being able to click a 'generate documents' button where the system knows what you are likely to want, based on the stage of the case/client means that you save time.  Having a list of policies or claims that also show scanned in documents means that you no longer have to goto filing cabinets to find the paper work, which again saves time.
Documents   Produce letters and emails at the touch of a button and incorporate them into the customer records. Document templates can be set up to include logos.
Historic Archive   All letters, emails, sms text messages etc produced by the system are electronically stored and time stamped against each case.  We can also attach phone call recordings or video conference recordings.
Document Attachment System   Attach PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, emails or scanned originals. These are electronically stored and time stamped against the client, and then stored. So you can access all relevant documentation electronically, eliminating the need for paper files.
Marketing   Allows mass emailing to market additional services to your existing clients, and keep lapsed or prospect clients informed of services that may interest them, all via the same simple user interface.
Diary, tasks and notes   Never miss an action or event again.  The system allows for notes and or tasks to be diarised.  You can even add in sub tasks against a task.  If someone is off on holiday then another member of staff can take over their diary.

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