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Core system

Data entry and/or AIP website integration   The core system is streamlined for your loan/mortgage process from origination to redemption.
Origination   For unregulated or regulated business, the system can handle all of your enquiries.  The system also saves you a lot of time and can generate your agreements in principle, dips, terms of business and regulated documents, instead of wasting time doing all this manually.  Regulated document production can take minutes to produce instead of hours.
Workflow and Tasks   As the loan application progresses, the system has an inbuilt work flow that can grow automatically or you can allow you to select tasks/requirements from your pre-built list.  This will help you to avoid missing a requirement, task or special condition.
Notes   Notes can be added at any stage.  We also understand that you may not want end users to change notes after a certain period of time for audit purposes; all of this is already built into the system.
Diary   Tasks, requirements and notes can be diarised, this means that you never miss an event or task.  The dairy can also be emailed or be seen by a group or by different security/access levels for certain users, which means that when a member of staff is on holiday, other key staff members can view their diary.
Case management   The system has been enhanced to manage case processes in a simple easy to use manner; as the case progresses you can set it at different statuses.  This also means that different actions or sections only show once the status is reached.  Ease of use is important to us and we try to make this as seamless as possible.
Management information reporting   Directors and managers need to see summarised information, which sometimes needs to be broken down into detail.  These reports should also be locked down so that only they can see this information.  You may also want certain information to be downloadable into excel or be sent electronically to your regulators.
Customisable   Our advanced platform can handle a single loan or multiple loan facilities.  The same platform has been configured and modified for other financial businesses outside of lending from insurers, lender servicers, large brokers, networks and packagers.  This means as markets progress, the system can be adapted to your needs.  We have seen many short term lenders grow into long term lenders and packagers who have become lenders and lenders who have become peer-to-peer lenders.
Full life cycle loan management   from Web integration to Inception, Offer to Completion, Redemption to Client/Broker management.  Our platform is so advanced, it can not only handle your loans and mortgages from inception to completion, it could also prompt you to get in touch with your clients or brokers in order to provide a better service to the client.
Regulated or unregulated business   The platform already contains many different types of regulation, and we can add on further sets of requirements, as and when you need them.
Consumer, residential or commercial   The platform can manage a vast array of loan and mortgage types.  Advanced product features can be added.
Postcode checkers   The system allows you to auto-populate the address information from the postcode for data accuracy.
Bank account / credit card checking   The system allows for verification checks to verify bank accounts/credit cards.

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