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What are the benefits to our clients?

Increased productivity

Depending on your business, it may be possible to automate the policy quote online and allow your clients and/or brokers to purchase and receive loan offers online, complete the application form with missing information and then send the application to the back office system for processing. By implementing all of these, clients of ours have increased business productivity by more than 1000%.

In many cases however, it is not possible to automate policy quotes online. We can help with modules that create documentation from templates. These can cope with conditions, provide Key Facts Illustrations and Full Offer letters, process roll up calculations and deferments, and even deal with a mixture of repayment and interest only. Again, this can lead to massive improvements in administrator productivity – up to 300% in some cases. The main ways we achieve this are:

All administration can be done within the system, which means one centralised database that can be used from multiple locations that store client data, policies, claims, tasks, notes and documents (attached, scanned, generated and historic) etc.  Which means clients no longer need paper files, filing cabinets and photo copies.

Tasks and processes do not get missed. Each type of business can have a different work flow.

Single centralised admin system – A single database accessible from multiple locations enables the storage of client data, facilities, securities, valuations, introducers, notes and documents, with all the features you need to process an application with multiple facilities. Up to 80% of admin work can be automated, leaving your staff free to concentrate on customer service and generating new business.

Paperless system – All documents, whether created by the system or scanned in, are stored centrally with no need for paper files, filing cabinets and photocopies. Emails, text messages and voice recordings are also stored. Any documents produced can be emailed out to clients or sent internally whenever you need to.

Automated workflow - Each type of business can have its own workflow so that your staff never miss a task. When a staff member is absent, someone else can take over and see these tasks quickly and easily.

Diary, task and workflow systems – Keep track of a client’s current progress and build checks into the system so that no item is missed. For example, you could check to see if the first charge on a property has been registered, if a valuation has been instructed, or if a valuation has been chased after a specified number of days.

Quicker product rates to market:

  • Many clients can change their own rates instantly.  New rating products can be added in days instead of months for most clients.  Enabling our clients to quickly adapt to new or changing markets which should enable our clients to rate effectively and increase profits.
  • Our rating engine technology can be used by the back office, website and price comparison websites which reduces the costs of not having three separate systems.
Change your own rates instantly - new rating products can be added in days instead of months for most clients, enabling you to quickly adapt to new or changing markets. You will be better able to keep your rates competitive and maximise your profits.

Complex rate tables – one of our modules allows you to create complex rate tables in Excel. Our system can then create a rating matrix from this spreadsheet quickly, again leading to shorter product lead times and changes.

Improved accuracy:

  • Improved accuracy - Bank account checkers, Postcode to address converters, Payment verification, Automated document, online client application form and Offer Documents all improve accuracy which is very good for compliance purposes and knowing your client.

Environment, cost reductions and Savings:

  • Paperless office - Clients using Impact no longer need paper files, or document scanning systems as these are built into the system.  Documents that get generated are merged with templates that end users do not have to change unless a client wants this.  These documents can be sent via email with pdf attachments or to the printer.  We can even put barcodes onto printed documents which are folded automatically into envelopes and printed with the correct postage.  This saves our clients time and money in not having staff photocopy documents, negating the need for filing cabinets in which clients can misplace documents.  Impact can also reduce printing and paper requirements as many documents can be sent electronically via the inbuilt email system.
  • Up to 80% reduction in administration requirements through innovation and automation.  Clients can distinguish themselves from the competition by automating the jobs that should be automated, leaving time for additional development such as better customer service.
  • Up to 80% reduction in operating costs - For example car factories have gone from taking 60 man days to build a car manually to less than 1 man day due to automation by mechanisation through innovation. This is what we are doing with our broker software. In today’s technological age clients need to do this to increase profits, help the environment and because the competition are doing this. Otherwise they may eventually die.

Compliance Benefits:

  • Compliance module that allows clients to track what each broker and staff member is doing.
  • Compliance completion check lists.
  • Document history log, everything sent out or received is stored on the system. 
  • Audit log and case history securely stored in the database.

Improved Compliance:

Compliance completion check lists – ensure that an application progresses to the next stage only when all compliance checks have been completed.

Document and case history log - everything sent out or received is stored on the system. Documents are date stamped, searchable, and can be marked to track amendments.

Management Reporting – when you need to generate management reports, you can do so easily and quickly.

Operational Benefits:

  • Extremely Stable - Our web based back office systems use technology that is very stable and widely used.  This, together with our 20+ years real time experience means we are able to make our systems the best of breed available on the market today.
  • Knowledge - We understand short term finance, so when a client asks us to roll up the interest, or charge 3 months interest up front we understand.  This saves our clients valuable time in not having to explain everything to non financial people.  It also means that when this new module goes live, it works first time instead of several changes later.
  • Adaptable - Impact Mortgage Lender can adapt to ever changing client needs.
  • Can be hosted on-site or in a data centre.
  • Integration - We are experts at all levels in software with a long history from mainframe systems, dos, windows, xml and web.  Therefore we can integrate different systems to save our clients re-keying in the same information into many different systems.
  • Compliance - Our systems have a compliance module that allows clients to track what each member of staff is doing.  This system can also check and make sure that a case does not get to the next stage unless something is done to pass the compliance check list.  There is also a system so that compliance managers can override the process, but they must give a reason for this, which is logged on track by the system.  This again saves time and money.
  • Management Reporting - In our software the information in the database can be reported on by our clients.  Our reporting is also fast and most reports take a seconds to run even for large clients.  This is because we understand the technology and the business of our clients.  Most reports can be written in a matter of minutes, this again saves our clients time and money, therefore our clients do not have to wait months for a new report to be written.

Our experience:

We’re specialists in insurance, so when a client asks us to add on IPT, or a mid term adjustment module, we understand. This saves you valuable time in not having to explain everything to non-experts. It also means that our products have been developed and proven over many years and have gained the trust of our customers. So when a new module goes live, it works first time.

We have many years experience in the industry. Our MD previously worked in a leading systems house and developed software used by 25% of Lloyds of London syndicates. Our systems use c# asp.net and the latest versions of Microsoft SQL making our systems the most stable and flexible available on the market today.

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