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Risk Free is a leading provider of high end Fintech software solutions to financial services institutions. Our cutting-edge technology has already been embraced by over 100,000 users and our product range, includes solutions for Mortgage Lenders, Insurers, Banks, Specialist Lenders (Bridging, Development, CBTL, Syndicates), Large Brokerages and Networks, and is designed to meet the specific needs of the industry.

Why use us?

Our dedication to delivering exceptional results for our clients on a daily basis is what sets us apart. Take your financial services to the next level and partner with us today!

What makes us unique is our ability to always find solutions to our clients needs no matter what the requirements. We offer either complete end-to-end solutions from website developement to back office automation or bespoke bolt on modules that enhance the life of clients existing systems. We specialize in tailoring software to our clients exact needs.

What can Risk Free do for you?


Most of our clients take our back office software but we also offer complete end to end solutions or you can purchase modules to suit your individual business needs as you grow.  We can then further tailor these modules around your business, to make your business more profitable and effective.


Clients, to us are not clients, they are, our partners, and their IT problems, are our IT problems, so we try to help them to get the best out of their IT.  Our success is measure by our clients and we have helped many clients grow from a few million pound companies to hundreds/billions of pounds companies.

Efficiency savings

Our back office software helps many of our clients turn a working day (7.5 hours) into half an hour by using our solutions to automate many of their mundane and manual processes.  This means that many staff members are 15 times more productive or a 1500% increase in productivity over their competitors every day.

Paperless office

Paper can creates chaos, as well as taking up valuable storage space and in today's world it is no longer acceptable by your customers.  We have clients that are virtually paperless.  Online applications, Edocs, email,  pdf generation, sent out, stored by the system.  Copies are kept electronically and even replies to the emails can electronically go into the back office system directly into the correct case without you having to attach these.

Servicing, rates and arrears

Whether you generate redemption statements, Key Facts, Policy Schedules, Esis, MTA, Suitability letters, statement of fact, chase up letters etc, we have advanced Loan Servicing, Policy platforms, Arrears, Claims platforms etc etc so that you can product these documents automatically or at the click of a button.

Website integration and API's

Our website solutions provide advanced integrated web modules, API's, Dynamic application forms, complete broker/client portals, execution only websites, as well as integration with price comparison websites and credit bureaus, so that your website helps your customers choose you. You should never have to settle for less when it comes to your potential.

Reports/management information

We tell our clients that if the data is in the back office system, then they can have a report on it.  85% of the reports we do, can be created within a few hours.  The other 15% are advanced reports that could give our clients summary info, quarterly info, graphs/bar charts, as well as the itemised breakdown to prove that the information is correct.

Secure, scalable and robust

We use third party partners to run 1,000's of tests each day to check for vulnerabilities.  This is one of the many ways we strive to keep our systems secure.  We were working in terabytes 20 years ago (Lloyds of London), which today would be petabytes.  The majority of clients will never exceed a few hundred gigabytes.  It is good to know that we have systems that can scale as you grow.

Advanced processes

Most businesses can be broken down into simple processes.  We have defined these into workflow modules and processes within our systems; this allows our clients to establish prompts, diaries and manage day to day processes, so that nothing gets missed or delayed.  Staff teams become more efficient as workflows become more effective.
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