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Our History

Risk Free UK Ltd was established in 1999 by a group of financial services IT and business experts. With more than two decade’s experience in the sector many of our clients had grown to be some of the biggest players in the industry.

What we have strived to do

We have always tried to create solutions for our clients that make an impact to their businesses, as well as solve their problems and plan for the future. As individuals, we were some of the first to link up computers for multi user DOS database systems. We created systems that automated the documents and production runs for mortgage companies and many of the Lloyds of London syndicates. These were amongst the first terabyte systems - before most people even knew what a terabyte was!

What we have achieved

We went on to develop a market leading sourcing system called TMOS used by tens of thousands of brokers. In 2001 we developed a system called MPS and this system was adapted for different sectors of the market with 10,000+ users. Clients of ours include PMP(PMPA), MTG group, Chase De Vere, Mortgage Intelligence to name a few and have grown to become some of the leading players in the mortgage market. Since then, we have developed insurance software from which we have helped turn companies like Animal Friends into market leaders. Our rating engine technology, which was developed from our expertise in the Lloyds of London market is also now being used by the largest insurance companies in Europe.

How we make an impact

Our simple strategy is to make far superior systems that enhance our clients businesses. Today, for many of our clients our systems can almost completely automate their entire processes. For example, using our Risk Insurance System means 95% of the business needs no human input for some of our clients. This includes the website, price comparison sites, client documentation, audit trail, policy schedules, bordereaux and Bacs direct debit/credit card money collection. Our systems have enabled clients to become:

• The UK’s largest broker
• The UK’s largest niche mortgage lender
• The UK’s largest packager
• The UK’s largest network
• The UK’s largest insurer in their sector
• The UK’s best bridging lenders

We have also provided software development / services for two of the top four UK banks.
Our philosophy

We  have achieved this by being business and technical realists. We’re more than just a software company. Our packages offer real benefits. Clients give us their problems and we give them solutions that work.
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Business & Technology Centre
Telford Innovation Campus
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