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Bordereaux (or Bordereau) reports are used by insurance companies, syndicates and correlation companies to provide premium profit or loss data relating to identified specific risks. Bordereaux Reports provide an accurate summary of what an insurance book has achieved. Sometimes, these reports also list the individual transactions to prove the accuracy of the summary totals.

However, traditional Bordereaux reports have their limitations. By merely outputting your selected data from a number of different tables, they can be difficult to interpret, especially when they run into millions of transactions. Different people within your organisation need to process or filter this data manually. They may, for example, use Excel to provide summarised reports suitable for their needs. This however, leads to increased human error, time and resource consumption. 

Our Bordereaux Reports Plus modules eliminate this by offering a number of options for presenting the data. It can be shown on screen as a statement or exported as a fully functional Excel spreadsheet with automatic production of summary reports, itemised rows and graphs on separate Excel sheets. It can also be produced as a PDF incorporating your own graphics for sending out to insurers, reinsurers, aggregators, clients, brokers or partners.

If exported as an Excel spreadsheet, you also have the option of performing your own calculations on the data for forecasting or other purposes. Different departments or brokers may want to reinterpret the reports in their own ways, and Bordereaux Plus allows this extra flexibility.

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