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Policy Management Software system   Can be used for virtually any type of risk insurance from life, motor, building, marine, energy, aviation, critical illness, pets and re-insurance etc.
Document Generation   Produce schedules, statement of fact, quotations, policy documents, welcome letters and emails automatically for online purchase execution only websites or at the click of a button for companies that prefer to keep this slightly more manual touch.  These automatically then attach to the case audit log, so that you can see what has been generated and what has been sent. For senior policy administrators, they can also make changes to the documents you want to allow them to make changes to.  You may want your senior administrators to be able to change all documents or you may want a selection.
Premium Calculators   Using our rating engine technology, the system can generate premiums automatically, this can be from your own scheme or from multiple providers and incorporates single or multples risks. The rating engine can also send information to your client facing website and/or price comparison websites for online instant quotes.
Mid Term Adjustments   The system allows (if required) the option for mid term adjustments.  The system is clever enough to work out premium changes and adjusts the amounts chargeable proportional or on a sliding scale process. All of this can take place without the need for any manual calculations.  Each policy change can also be stored for each MTA.  The system can also store each sub MTA. 
IPT   UK Tax, European and Worldwide including other European local taxes like Fire Tax etc.
Track Key Changes   View key changes at the click of a button, such as changes to the premium or the policy status from the audit log of the system.
Enhance Non Data Duplication   Imports data entered into your website or via our online broker case tracking system or client portal, this means that your brokers and/or clients only need to enter the data once - This data can then be copied over automatically to your back office system.
Execution only - Auto Policy Systems modules   This is designed for insurance companies who have their own policies, or for risk insurance brokers who deal with several different types of insurers. The entire process is automated - online quotes, sending out policy documents and processing payments. This means the system can handle virtually all business without human intervention, saving huge amounts of time and money.
Declaration questions   UK Tax, European and Worldwide including other European local taxes like Fire Tax.
Rate Engine   We are experts at building rating engines, we can achieve in a few days what others would normally take months to accomplish.
Bacs Payments   Set up direct debit payments
Credit/Debt Card Payments   Process payments quickly and securely.
Ease of use   We understand that your back office policy system needs to show the main policy details, plus cope with quick data entry.  At the same time your website needs to be aimed at the consumer/broker user experience.

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