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What are the benefits to our clients?


Massively increased productivity

There are a lot of peer to peer lenders that have a website that looks like its doing all of the work, but in reality staff members at HQ are manually updating records, reports and forms.  Our systems automate what should be automated. It also allows our clients to handle decisions to lend and release money through authorisation forms. More importantly, it can process the loan payments due, the lender interest and borrower statements automatically, which is where a lot of the real staffing costs are.  Our systems can also handle the syndication of loans (micro payments and multiple micro funders).  The system can also produce all of the MI reporting.  In addition to this, you are also dealing with a company that creates and has created systems and sold services to two of the top four UK Banks and several top US banks some of which are hundreds of years old. We are the leading provider in the UK to short term lenders.  This means that as more and more compliance comes into the peer to peer market you are already dealing with a company that handles compliance, which all helps.  The level of automation that our systems can offer you means that you do not need hundreds or thousands of staff members, which should mean that you can pay more to your existing switched on staff members to keep them.  We are used to many of our clients growing exponentially, but also making real profits in the process.

Because of our history of developing mainframe, DOS, Windows and now dynamic web-based platforms, we have the experience to help you grow. We have taken this knowledge, history and the best features and have been able to modularise our newer, dynamic, web-based systems so that as we add in new features, we can also offer these to you.  This means that our platform already contains paperless office modules, diary and work flow modules, document generation/letter merge modules, quick report modules, audit log modules etc which means you have a best of breed system that is tried and trusted. 

Environment, cost reductions and savings:

Paperless office - Clients using Impact no longer need paper files, as everything can be stored on the system.  Unfortunely not everything will be sent to you via email and the old postal mail can be scanned in and recycled because our systems have electronic paper files.  Documents that get generated are merged with templates that end users do not have to change unless a client wants the end-user to make changes.  These documents can be sent via email with pdf attachments.

We have many clients that require up to 80% reduction in administration requirements through innovation and automation.  Clients can distinguish themselves from the competition by automating the jobs that should be automated, leaving time for additional development such as better customer service.

Up to 80% reduction in operating costs - For example car factories have gone from taking 60 man days to build a car manually to less than 1 man day due to automation by mechanisation through innovation.  This is what we are doing with our software.  In today’s technological age clients need to do this to increase profits, help the environment and save money.  


Compliance Benefits:

We believe that peer to peer lenders will eventually be made to do the compliance that traditional lenders have to do, which we are already doing.

Bottom Line:

At present a lot of peer to peer lenders are thinking about IPO and exit strategies, but with the right systems (ours) and right management and staff (you), you can hopefully do what some of our other clients in the past have done, you can become the largest in your market segment, plus make a real profit at the same time so that if investors leave the market and go onto the next big thing, you have a viable business because you are using technology for mechanisation of your business just like Henry Ford did with motor cars.  You could be just like one of our previous clients Paul Marks, Trevor Pothecary, Elaine Fairfax, Simon Tyler, Nags Rahman, Chris May, Jonathan Samuels etc and become a multi millionaire.

Other Benefits:

Extremely Stable - Our web based back office systems use technology that is dynamic, flexible and very stable and widely used.  This together with our 20+ years real time experience, means we are able to make our systems the best of breed on the market today.

Our Knowledge - We understand finance, because this is what we do and have done for many years.
Adaptability - Impact Peer-To-Peer can adapt to ever changing client needs.
Hosting options - We can host your systems at large national data centers or you can host your own system at your office or in the cloud.

Integration - We are experts at all levels in software with a long history from mainframe systems, as400, DOS, db2, Windows, xml and web 1.0, web 2.0, php, .net etc.  Therefore we can integrate different systems to save our clients re-keying in the same information into many different systems.
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