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Mortgage Lender Software Overview:

Back Office  - “Impact Mortgage Lender”

Our Mortgage Lender Back Office Software provides mortgage lenders with a complete mortgage lender processing system from origination through to completion and then through to redemption. As well as being able to generate virtually any documentation, it can also provide advanced client payments, full management reporting, workflow and diary.  It also helps to create a paperless office environment which includes document attachments, a scanning system, email/document generation, and a historic document storage facility.

All of our systems are completely web based and saas (software as a service) which are hosted by us at a uk data centre or self hosted by you.  We have taken all of the best features from our previous windows based systems and prior to this our Dos based systems, so that you get a system that is easy to use, scalable, fast, contains a host of great features, plus beats virtually any other mortgage lender system on the market.  The system can also be integrated with your website so that your brokers and customers can obtain instant online quotes or agreements in principle.  You can also use our simple to use, but very advanced client mortgage payment modules, which handle interest only, capital and repayment, roll up, client payments including overpayments and multiple drawdowns etc.  This system can also produce redemption statements at the click of a button.

Document generation letter templates can be auto populated and sent to your clients, brokers, and solicitors etc. at the click of a button.  There is also a built in document editor/generator where you can simply click a button and the system generates documents from AIPs, DIPs, Offer Documents, General letters, Key Facts Illustrations, Mortgage Statements, Redemption statements etc.  Each document can be printed or sent directly from the system electronicially via email where each document is converted to a PDF.  

Historic document storage

Once sent, each document is stored by the system for audit purposes showing the date, time, who sent it, if the document was printed or emailed and what changes were made to each document.

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