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What are the benefits to our clients?

Increased productivity by as much as 700%
Your staff members could get seven hours worth of work completed in just one hour.  This amount of time saving could come from many different areas i.e. not having to rekey in online Dips/Application forms again into the back office system; being able to click a button in order to get out a quotation and supporting documents; having a system that can work out what the client needs to pay; which clients are due to pay; or have not paid on time etc.

Single centralised admin system from the web – A single database accessible from multiple locations enables the storage of client data, facilities, securities, valuations, introducers, notes and documents, with all the features you need to process an application with multiple facilities. Up to 80% of admin work can be automated, leaving your staff free to concentrate on customer service and/or generating new business.

Lower carbon footprint - Paperless system – All documents, whether created by the system or scanned in, are stored centrally with no need for paper files, filing cabinets and photocopies. Emails, text messages and voice recordings are also stored. Any documents produced can be emailed out to clients or sent internally whenever you need to.

Improved completion times using Automated workflow - Each type of business can have its own workflow so that your staff never miss any tasks. When a staff member is absent, someone else can take over and see these tasks quickly and easily.

No missed deadlines - Diary, task and workflow systems
– Keep track of a client’s current progress and build checks into the system so that no item is missed. For example, you could check to see if the first charge on a property has been registered, if a valuation has been instructed, or if a valuation has been chased after a specified number of days.

Improved Compliance:

Compliance module - allows you to track what each broker and staff member is doing.

Compliance completion check lists – ensure that an application progresses to the next stage only when all compliance checks have been completed.

Document and case history log
- everything sent out or received is stored on the system. Documents are date stamped, searchable, and can be marked to track amendments.

New Management Reports can be generated quickly
 (keeping you ahead of the competition, plus you know whats happening in your business quickly) – when you need to generate management reports, you can do so easily and quickly.  We originally developed our reporting system in dos, which was enhanced and ported to windows. This has now been ported to our web system and enables us to create many reports in a few minutes to a few hours.

Our experience means that we never fail to deliver

We have been developing mortgage systems for more than 15 years, and some of our staff members have been developing mortgage systems for more than 20 years.  With this experience gained from previous Windows and DOS systems you get our knowledge and a system that is tried and tested.

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