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Loan Servicing and Arrears System

Payment modules   We have both a simple interest only payment modules and a capital and repayment advanced payment modules, both are easy to use. 

Our payment modules can be tailored to meet many types of payment method including: Interest only, Capital and Repayment, Compounded interest, Split loans, Facilities, Sub loans, Rolled up interest, Balloon payments, Asset allocation, Syndication, peer-to-peer, Different interest rates, Default rates, Default fees, Fee management, daily, monthly and annual, Full month, partial month or flat days, Forecasting, Development finance, Syndicated loans, Single or multiple funders, Split loans to single client loans, Interest calculated to a full month or a full year, Interest calculated up to a certain date, fees added to the loan, fees deducted from the loan, Minimum terms, Overpayments/Underpayments and Payment allocation.
Ease of use, fast data entry   Processing loans on some systems can be a real chore and this slows down the process instead of aiding the processing.  Our system is designed to do the opposite.
Arrears management   As well as processing the loan, the system can be tailored to give you your exact arrears management and reporting requirements or you can take our ‘off the shelf’ reporting modules.  This means that as well as seeing which clients are late paying, you can also see which clients have exceeded their LTV or term of loan, instead of finding this out many months into the future.  You may also want to know which loan payers are due within so many days so that you can remind the forgetful ones. For example. a late payer who is notified 4 to 10 days prior to making the payment, will more than likely make the payment on time.  This can be automated via email, but a simple dashboard or report can be generated.
Loan Statements   Loan, mortgage and redemption statements can be produced at the click of a button.  You may even want these automated if you do a lot of serviced loans.
Regulation   You may have to produce statements each month for your regulators and we can help automate these for you.
Credit Bureaus   As part of your credit checking process you may have to submit data to credit checking agencies and we can help automate these for you too.

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