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End-to-End Solutions Overview


What they are

An end-to-end system integrates your website with your back office system which processes as much business as possible. The back office system itself is more than just a database, it completes jobs and tasks automatically. It may also include full document management, storing all documents produced, including any that have been scanned in. Emails, text messages and telephone voice recordings can be attached automatically to a client or transaction page (for example a policy, claim form, facility or mortgage page). The system can also have full management reporting and be able to report on all of the data within the database. Finally, they can also be integrated with an accounting system. 

Why they are important

Knowledge is power and data is knowledge. end-to-end systems enable you to see where your most profitable business is coming from, and where losses are being made, therefore maximising your profits. In addition, by integrating all your main admin and finance functions, significant improvements in efficiency and accuracy can be achieved. We have a client who is processing 45 times more business per staff member as a result of implementing one of our end-to-end systems.

Our track record

We have a long history in the financial services industry and have helped some of our clients become the biggest companies in the sector in just a few, short years. As a specialist solution provider mainly to financial service companies (banks, insurance companies, mortgage lenders and brokerage houses), we know our industry inside out and work to the highest standards of integrity and technical expertise. We have never had a failed project. If we think a request may not benefit the client, we will advise them to re-think the request to better suit their needs. Our software is robust and designed to be upgraded as technology changes and your company grows.
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