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Claims system   Our claims systems can be simple or very advanced depending on your requirements.  Our claims software handles more than just data entry. The claims system can check for claims limits, as well as handling loss adjustments and multiple sub claims i.e. some claims come in at different times over a period and our claims system can manage this for you.  The claims system can also authorise and instruct loss adjusters or claim agents to carry out work.  It can pay claims directly using Bacs/Direct payment systems.
Advanced detection system   Our advanced detection system checks for fraudulent activity prior to a claim being paid out.
Maximum Claim Limit Flags   The system can notify you if a claim limit has been reached.
Claim Authorisation   Allows you to send claims for appropriate authorisation before approval. Claim Managers can easily see claims which require authorisation for a day, week, or any entered time period and filter for authorisation.
Claim Notes   Add notes and diary to a claim detailing claim activity or if you suspect suspicious activity.
Endorsements   Our system automatically shows endorsements for exclusions down to claim type.
Deny Automatic Renewals   Some types of Risk sometimes have a limit option i.e. Health Insurance may not cover chronic conditions after a certain period of time.  Some policies are limited to a particular number of claims or are limited to a claim period of time.  Our systems can stop these types of mistakes from happening when they are set up correctly.
Sub Claims   One claim may require different sub claims for claims that come in over a period of time i.e. Asbestos claims or group policies or muliple claims for a vet bill.
Claims Payments   Our system can allow you to automatically pay BACs or cheque.
Claim Document Generation   The system can instruct loss adjusters, claim agents or direct to the client various paperwork electronically or via traditional print.   This can all be done quickly and easily via the click of a button.
Claim Type   Against each claim you can allocate one or more claim types and these can setup various question sets related to the claim. This saves a considerable amount of time for experienced staff and stops inexperienced staff from making mistakes.
Allocate parties   Our claims systems can also allow you to allocate various parties with noted interests i.e. the claimant, the injured party, the third party, the appointed agents, the law officer so that you have once place to look.
Scanned documents   You can scan documents directly to the claim, this means that you no longer need to search through paper files, plus the system stores this electronically and is backed up as part of the database.

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