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Advanced reporting system

Periodical Reports   You can set your own reporting requirements, run off today’s business or business over certain periods. Customizable parameters include numbers of completions or offers, processed by region, broke or group etc.
Pipeline reports   The reporting system can add many different reports including financial, pipeline, profit/loss.
Management Reports   Daily, weekly, monthly, annual and date range reports that show you your prospects, live clients, completions, not proceeding, cancelled and lapsed business. You can also see how much business individual staff or departments are processing. Find out how many cases are at a certain stage or who are your best performing staff, brokers and introducer's, and how are they affecting your profit and loss levels?
Dashboard Reports   We can set up dashboards which act as reports and a search mechanism. They can create reports for different departments that show new business, sales activity, and even items such as  compliance check lists. Dashboards can be used to report on virtually anything that shows a process. The can be presented in both itemised, summary and graphical formats.
Multiple Outputs   You can view the output using a multitude of methods including screen preview mode, Excel, CSV, HTML, XML and SYLK.
Fast Report Engine   Built-in to the system, it can handle all your reporting needs. Reports can be created in minutes that traditionally took hours or even days.

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