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Insurance software solutions

"Win the war, then fight the battle",
Admiral Nelson
  We do not just have the best insurance software solutions, we also understand insurance software.  This means that when you ask us to add on something as simple as IPT, or a proportional mid-term adjustment module, we understand. This saves you valuable time in not having to explain everything twice.  How many times have you had to explain something to a technical person (techie) who tells you that they understand, but then goes away and fights the battle without winning the war.  We believe in winning the war, by understanding your needs, and then fighting the battle.


‘IMPACT Insure – the only limit to how your business can benefit, is you.’

Insurance software benefits Intergration


Our back office software can be integrated with your website, rating engine technology, third party systems and even price comparison sites.  This allows for ‘execution only complete purchases’, if required. Effectively, reducing the costs of not having three separate systems or more staff, and gives you a complete end-to-end solution.  
Insurance software benefits Paperless


IMPACT eliminates the need for paper documents.  All administration can be done within the system, using our technology that can be accessed from multiple locations. The system stores client data (policies, claims, tasks, notes etc) and generates/scans documents (attached, scanned, generated and historic). Therefore, there is no need for seperate document storage, filing cabinets, copying or shredding. Documents can be emailed automatically or manually after you have read them.
Scalable Insurance software

Scalable flexibility

We already have a tried and trusted platform where some of our clients have had thousands of users, or as little as two users. Our platform can also be tailored if required for each and every client. This means that our systems work around your business, instead of your business working around our systems.

Our most senior staff members have worked for some of the largest insurers and financial instutions in the UK including Lloyds of London Synicates, ILU, Zurich re, RSA etc. and with their 20+ years, you are getting flexible and scalable expertise. Plus they understand what you and they are talking about.
Automated Insurance software


We can automate almost every process, and many of our succesful clients have done this. We also understand that some clients want to keep the customer experience on a traditional footing and therefore, they automate sections of their business without secrafacing the customer experience. Automation can allow your clients to generate quotes and purchase policies without any interactions with your sales team. If you prefer the face-to-face / telephone approach then our systems can also help generate the paperwork, quote and process a quote right through to and including renewal.

Accurate Insurance software


Like any system, our products are only as good as the data they rely on. We have therefore, developed a number of built-in tools to ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the data inputs. These include audit systems, QA systems, to smaller modules like bank account checkers, postcode to address converters and payment verification systems. In addition, documents and policy schedules can be generated automatically by the system without the need to re-input data, thus further reducing errors.
Compliant Insurance software


Our compliance module allows you to track what each broker and staff member is doing. You can create compliance completion check lists to ensure a case progresses correctly at every stage. The system retains full document history - everything sent out or received can be stored on the system. There is also an audit log and case history securely stored in the database; this means selected personnel can see who has done what and when.
Cloud based Insurance software

Cloud based Saas (software as a service)

All our solutions are web based.  As one of the fore-runners in cloud based technology we have developed a completely web based integrated solution, which is flexible and can be adapted to match virtually any size of business.  Our back office system can be integrated with your website and other third parties.  You can than scale up, as and when the need arises.  We also offer hosting at secure data-centres.  Some clients prefer to host their own systems.  We are completely impartial to hosting or letting you host your own systems.  
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