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Document generation system

Templates   End users can create, modify or delete standard templates.
Document Preview   A WYSIWYG (“what you see is what you get”) editor allows end users to modify their own documents and see exactly how they will appear. Field names can also be added to this inbuilt editor.
HTML   All references are stored as HTML documents. This allows end users to create/replicate virtually any reference/submission sheet.
Print/Email   References can be printed and emailed directly, without the end user needing to enter the email address. They can be sent as PDF files, and multiple files can be attached to a single email.
Print Preview   When one or more references are previewed, the user has a chance to modify the references (security permitted) before printing or emailing it.
Historic Reference Storage   All printed/emailed references are stored in the database. End users, managers and auditors can examine a case’s history with a single click, and references can easily be printed or emailed again if required.
Criteria   References can also be changed if required. For example, a lender’s reference may require an extra paragraph for self-cert cases, or you may require different references for different lenders.
Logic   In-house developers or advanced users can create references with “If” conditions or sub-selects, effectively building their own automated references.
Email   Built in email module which can convert the references to PDF attachments and attach the PDF templates automatically before sending. 
SMS Text messages   Let clients know that their policy has gone live or their claim has been paid.

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