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Peer to peer Lender Software Overview:



  1. Peer to peer lender software: “Impact P2P” is our dedicated back office solution built for Peer to Peer lenders.
  2. Peer to peer web site option: “Web Portal P2P” is our highly productive front end capability which gives users of various types the ability to interact with your company and or the back office.

Impact P2P has been developed, to give peer to peer crowd funders (social lenders) a platform that will process all of their loans.  The platform can handle borrowers with multiple loans and micro lenders who can view and see how hard their money is working.  For the crowd funders, it saves a large amount of money on costs, from not having to employ masses of developers or having many temporary staff in accounts, processing excel spreadsheets that your main accounts staff then have to put right.

The Impact P2P platform can also be used to generate virtually any documentation and full management reporting, workflow and diary. It also incorporates a near paperless office environment which includes a document attachment scanning system, document generation, email generation and historic document storage facility.

Web Portal P2P

Web Portal P2P is an optional platform where we also develop your front end website in your colour scheme with your vision. If you already have your own website, then you may decide to connect to our xml APIs which integrate with the Impact P2P back office system.

This means that you can keep your existing website but give your visitors an enhanced, seamless, user friendly experience.
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