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Impact Bridging Features

Because Impact Bridging can be tailored, our system can do much more than most standard bridging loan back office systems. Our systems are modular, so some features can be switched on or off, and some may need to be adapted to suit your particular requirements. Many of these were initially developed to fulfil a specific client’s need but are now available to all new clients, so you get advanced features without the associated development costs. Some of the main features are listed below – however, this is not exhaustive, so please contact us if the feature you need is not listed.


  • Full back office system for lender loan processing
  • Optional web based point of sale system for brokers and clients
  • Optional online real time quotation system for clients and brokers


  • Customer management
  • Broker management
  • Loan Administration
  • Draw down system
  • Interest only client payment system
  • Capital and repayment client payment system
  • Rolled up interest client payment system
  • Advanced client payment system (multiple function)
    • Capital and repayment
    • Interest only
    • Rolled up interest
    • Handles multiple payments
    • Overpayments
    • Late payments
    • Change interest rates
    • Multiple drawdowns
    • Mortgage Statements
    • Redemption Statements
    • Add fees to the loan
    • etc
  • Offer document production
  • AIP document production
  • Key Facts System
    • Ability to change rates
    • Ability add on fees
    • Ability to select from lender or broker
    • Automatically produces KFI
    • Calculates APR and Price per pound borrowed etc
  • Complete paperless office module
  • Integrate real time online case tracking for brokers
  • Commission and payment systems
  • Document generation (View picture)
    • Automatic merge fields from templates
    • Advanced beautiful looking documents
    • Send facility via built in email or to printer
    • Automatic historic storage of sent documents
    • Auto populate brokers or clients or solicitors email address
    • Optional header and footer
    • Make changes to documents using built in word processor
    • Completely web based (No need for microsoft word)
    • Works on Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari (Windows/Mac)
    • Emailed documents are automatically converted to PDF
  • Document scanning system
  • Document attachment system (View picture)
  • Advanced reporting system (management / periodic etc)
    • Quick reports
    • Dashboard reports
    • Graphical reports
    • Excel reports
    • Advanced Excel reports (including excel formula's, graphical charts etc)
  • Integration (price comparisons, website, broker portals etc)
  • Diary and work flow
    • Diarised tasks and notes (never miss a deadline again)
    • Auto populate work flow (never miss a compliance procedure)
    • View overdue diary events  (View picture)
    • View your future diary
    • Assign notes, todo's and or tasks to your colleagues
    • Optional status work flow with status history
  • Broker/Introducer Management system
  • Broker case tracking system
  • Client/Broker/Introducer payment and fee system
  • Marketing system
  • Enhanced Security
  • Rate calculators (capital and repayment, interest only, deductions, rolled up interest etc)
  • Client facing websites
  • Real time online quote systems
  • Credit card payment systems
  • Telephone Integration
  • Add on Multiple securities (View picture)
    • 1st Charges
    • 2nd Charges
    • Debentures
    • Guarantees
    • Charges over cash
    • Assets
    • etc
  • Email alert system
  • Enhanced Security
  • Tailored modules

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